Tyre Fitting Wax

Dunlop Lube-It is a specially formulated tyre fitting wax, suitable for all brands of rims and tyres.

With "tyre-sniffers" now common at most major meetings (well done AKA!!), you can't risk fitting your tyres with any old lubricant you find lying around - you've got to use the right stuff to ensure you're not on the wrong side of the rules.

Dunlop Lube-It makes fitting tyres a breeze, and won't excite the sniffer dogs!


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  1. Best product.

    Review by Ian (Posted on April 01, 2013)

    Does what it is supposed to do, great value, a tub of this will last forever. Tyres go on so easily.

  2. The search ends here!

    Review by Patrick (Posted on October 25, 2011)

    I have tried many lubes for tyres fitting but none do the job like this. Yes, it helps the tyre slide onto the bead easily (though I always use a "tyre inflation ring") and being a wax, it leaves the absolute minimum residue behind which helps reduce fluctuation in tyre pressures when the tyres get hot. Happy customer here :)

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