Kart Tyre Tool

Without a doubt, this is the easiest way to get a tyre on, or off, a rim. Okay, maybe not for those superhuman guys who can do it by hand in seconds, like this loony:

But for mere mortals, yeah, you want a set of these.


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  1. A must have!

    Review by Patrick (Posted on October 25, 2011)

    A brilliant tool that reduces time, stress when fitting tyres.

    I have used the same tool for 2 years now (almost to the day) and I haven't had any troubles with the build quality. They are lasting, even under my rough hands :)

  2. Great design, but not so well made

    Review by Christopher* (Posted on October 09, 2011)

    These things make changing tyres easy, but the quality of the tool leaves a lot to be desired. I have already managed to bend one of the plier arms, and the plastic discs tend to deform after repeated use. For the money I would have expected more.

  3. Easy!

    Review by Ryan (Posted on August 02, 2011)

    Makes changing tyres a breeze (even for an amateur like myself!). :)

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