Sniper Camber/Caster Adjuster Set (1 side only)

The first truly independent camber/caster adjuster system available to suit standard "C-Section" design sprint karts. This nifty Australian invention allows you to adjust the caster in increments of 1degree (using the serrations milled into the base), and adjust camber to perfection with the grub screws.

This device made its racing debut mounted on the CRG factory team's karts at the 2009 World Championships, and was driven to victory by Arnaud Kozlinski.

I don't think it will be too long before most decent karts offer a system just like this one.

They require a 22mm hole to be drilled in the C-Section, and two M4 threaded holes added for mounting. As a die-hard kart-tech geek, I have to say this is one of the most exciting developments in karting for years.

Please note: Pricing is for 1 side only. You need a quantity of 2 in your shopping trolley to fit these to your kart.


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  1. Help for Keith

    Review by Adam (Posted on January 11, 2012)

    Keith I'm lead to believe the CRG 10mm kingpin is longer. therefore providing the require extra room to fit these adjusters. (See Link Here:

    Free Hot tip.

    Kind Regards,
    Adam Briggs

  2. Do not fit to to Arrow X1

    Review by Keith (Posted on October 03, 2011)

    Don't try and fit these to an Arrow X1-28, original king pins are not long enough. Any other brand of king pins have play between pin and bearing. Arrow king pin is a machined 10mm dia x 80mm socket shoulder screw which you can't buy any longer than 80mm. Keith Butler

  3. Sniper Caster/Camber Adjusters For Tony Kart V2 Racer.

    Review by Kevin B (Posted on December 23, 2009)

    Just fitted these to my Tony Kart V2 Racer. No need to drill the top of the chassis as the holes are already 22mm. The 4mm mounting holes come close to the edge of the C section but are ok. I have made up some spacers to fit up inside the adjuster to the base of the domed washer, this is to centre the stub axle in the C section. The bottom original caster centre has been retained and set to neutral arrows forward.
    Spacer dimensions as follows:-
    OD 12mm
    ID 8.1mm
    Length 15mm
    Top product NO compromising caster camber adjustment.
    Kevin Bolland.

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