Rear Hubs

Rear Hubs - 50mm Alloy

Rear wheel hubs - suit 50mm axle. Anodised black or gold. High quality anodised billet aluminium.

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Rear Hub 50mm x 70mm - Gold Inc Studs & Nuts
Rear Hub 50mm x 70mm - Black Inc Studs & Nuts
Rear Hub 50mm x 90mm - Black Inc Studs & Nuts
Rear Hub 50mm x 100mm - Black Inc Studs & Nuts
Wheel Hub Spacers Plastic 50mm Kit

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  1. A cost effective way of increasing your options in your set up armoury!

    Review by Patrick (Posted on August 03, 2011)

    I bought 1 set longer and 1 set shorter than my standard hubs and frequently change hubs to suit the conditions I face. Being an imported aluminium hub (as apposed to Magnesium), these hubs may be the cheaper option but I have not had any troubles with the quality of the product after using them for over a year.

    *** Site management response: ***
    Hi Patrick, thanks for the review. Funnily enough, despite being called "Italsport", these hubs are actually made in Australia! I agree though, they're a good quality product at this price. Cheers, Col.</i>

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