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  1. Brake Rods

    Brake Rods

    This adjustable brake rod from DPE is the standard fitment on all Arrow, Monaco & Deadly karts, and offers such a massive range of adjustment that it's now the only one they produce. It''ll fit pretty much anything. Also available for Cadet karts & Extended version.
  2. Pedal Extension Set

    Pedal Extension Set

    Made by Wildkart in Italy from solid billet aluminium, these pedal extensions slip onto the existing pedal rod, where your foot goes, and tighten into place with grub screws. They bring the contact area back about 40mm, which makes a big difference for drivers whose legs aren't quite as long as average (or whose seat is a long way back). Knurled finish gives plenty of grip, and the large area of contact makes for less painful pedal application over a long race.
  3. Pedal Grip Set

    Pedal Grip Set

    Knurled aluminium grip set bolts to most standard steel pedals. Keep your feet firmly planting with these bolted onto your pedals! Comes with two pieces per set.
  4. Pedal Mounting Accessories (Arrow)
  5. Pedal Return Spring

    Pedal Return Spring

    100mm long. Getting a stuck throttle isn't cool. If your pedal isn't returning properly, add one of these.
  6. Throttle and Brake Pedals (Arrow) - Steel

    Throttle and Brake Pedals (Arrow) - Steel

    Starting at: $65.00

    Pedals to suit Arrow, Deadly and Monaco karts
  7. Throttle and Brake Pedals (DPE) - Alloy

    Throttle and Brake Pedals (DPE) - Alloy

    Starting at: $3.00

    Forged aluminium pedals to suit Arrow, Monaco & Deadly karts Color: Black Suits Arrow: X1 - X4 Monaco: M3 - M4 Deadly
  8. Throttle Pedal Clamp Bolt

    Throttle Pedal Clamp Bolt

    The cable clamping bolt for the DPE Alloy Throttle pedal.
  9. Throttle Stop Bolt - Arrow
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