K-Racer ASMO

The K-Racer ASMO is a revolution in kart seat fitment. Don't believe me? The very first person to fit this to their kart won a CIK National Championship with it!

The ASMO (Adjustable Seat Mount) is a nifty little unit that makes seat moves a breeze. Each notch gives exactly 7mm of movement, allowing you to make precise adjustments that previously weren't possible without buying a new seat!

Cian Fothergill won the 2010 CIK Pro Light National Championship running K-Racer ASMO's on his Kosmic Mercury chassis.

"There's no doubt that being able to move your seat in accurate small increments is one of the keys to setting up your kart", says Cian - and of course the K-Racer ASMO is his tool of choice!

The ASMO provides a range of 55mm in which you can move your seat forward, backward, up or down, or any combination in between; without the risk of the side of the seat tearing out or slotting two holes together. The thin plate design ensures the stiffness of your seat is not compromised, so your kart handles just as it would without them - only better, because your seat position will be perfect!

See the installation video here!

* Fits all karts that use an 8mm diameter mounting bolt for the seat - which is pretty much everything. Please note price is for a pair (ie, you only need to buy "one" to set up a kart).

Patent Pending.

Kart shops interested in stocking the ASMO should send us an email to to request wholesale pricing.

It's official, this is the most fineprint ever found on a product on K-Racer!


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  1. great looking product

    Review by greg (Posted on August 14, 2012)

    just took delivery of my ASMO great looking product well done.

  2. Smart idea

    Review by Chris (Posted on October 09, 2011)

    I basically echo what Adam says - the ASMO is a smart idea.

    What I would like is some way to make drilling the holes easier. If you use the ASMO and drill through it, your drill cuts through the soft alloy of the ASMO.

    Otherwise, it is a great thing.

  3. Now get more than 2 meets out of a seat

    Review by Evan (Posted on September 30, 2011)

    I have a 17 yr old son in tag 100- a 160kg class, who needs 32kg+ of lead to make weight. people run from the out grid when he needs a lift with this kart... Imagine what used to happen around the upper seat mounts, as it is all on the seat. With ASMOs we use 2x 6mm bolts behind the original 8mm one to get the load supported with little effect on seat stiffness and the easier adjustability...

  4. Great product

    Review by Matt (Posted on August 03, 2011)

    Just got my asmo's they look great and found it easy to change seat position the only hard part about them is getting them level can be a little tricky, but other then that just awesome and as Col has said in the fit video if you have the new arrow or monaco spacing out the bottom mounts make moving the seat forward and back super easy. oh and the kracer K cut into them is sick

  5. Great product to allow for small and accurate seat position changes

    Review by Adam (Posted on July 29, 2011)

    What this product does:
    - allows you to make small accurate seat position changes at the track
    - makes seat position changes a less daunting task

    What this product does not do:
    - does not make seat position changes any quicker
    - does not reduce the need to drill holes all through your seat to change seat position

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