Exhaust Springs

It's a good idea to always keep a few of these spare in your toolbox, the constant vibration slowly wears through the steel and they end up snapping usually right before you're heading out for the final, on pole position!

Please note, the length refers to the TOTAL length of the spring. The "coil length" of each spring is about 15mm less than the total length.

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Exhaust Spring 50mm
Exhaust Spring 40mm
Exhaust Spring 68mm
Exhaust Spring 90mm
Exhaust Spring 115mm

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  1. Inexpensive but good

    Review by Christopher (Posted on October 09, 2011)

    These springs are cheap but seem to do the job well. I find myself adding a few of these to every order.

    I have yet to break or lose one over the past 6 months of racing.

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