Hey guys,

I had a smashing new idea - see making good videos out at the track is a LOT harder than you'd think - and when it's miserably wet and cold like it is in Melbourne right now... well, it's even less likely to happen! However, I do own a whiteboard, and I do dislike Wednesdays just as much as everyone else (you're never further from raceday than you are on a Wednesday), so I thought I would try to spice up hump day occasionally by starting a new tradition...

Whiteboard Wednesdays!

Basically, whenever the inspiration strikes (and it's a Wednesday), I'm going to stand in front of a whiteboard and explain something to you. This week's is an odd one - it's about the correct use of a stopwatch!

If you're after a quality stopwatch to use while racing, you can't go past the Alfano Kronos.

So, that's it from me for the very first Whiteboard Wednesday. Let me know if you liked it. I've got a bunch more ideas up my sleeve which I'll get out to you over the coming months.

Cheers, Col :)