Hey guys,

I'm ecstatic to announce today that our new website is live! This has been a huge effort by everyone on the team here and I'm thankful for all the work everyone has put in (Luke, Mish, Ben, take a bow). I promised our new shipping arrangements - which mean I'm no longer spending all day packing boxes - would bring noticeable improvements for you guys and today is the first big step forwards. We've made improvements like:
  • Given the whole site a fresh, modern new look. (Feel free to talk to the team at BJM Design if you're looking for a great web presence of your own).
  • Created a new, simplified set of menus and categories which should make finding the parts and accessories you want event easier than before.
  • Made the site fully device responsive, which means you'll be able to browse and buy from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.
  • Set up the functionality to give you the ability to select your parts based on the model of kart you own! I reckon this is going to be awesome. We still have a little work to go to release it to the wild, but when it's ready you'll find it in the new Parts menu.
There's plenty more cool stuff to come that I'll let you know about in the coming weeks. In the meantime, there's two things you could do for me:
  1. Sign up for the newsletter (bright yellow bar below!) so I can let you know when I've created new tech content and videos, or have exciting new parts and accessories to show you.
  2. Please let me know if you have any browsing issues with the new site. Just shoot me an email (info@kracer.com.au).
I've been promising this new site for a while, and I'm super glad (and a little relieved!) to finally show it to you all. I hope you find it easy and enjoyable to use.