Ever wondered why kart chains are so expensive compared to dirt bikes chains which are five times the size? It seems like bigger should be more expensive, yeah? Well, funnily enough, it's because they're small that kart chains cost a lot. Putting a lot of power through a small-linked chain means the materials need to be top quality and the tolerances very tight.

The tight tolerances mean cleaning your chains correctly is really important, and I reckon most people do a shoddy job of it. So, watch my video to hear me rant about it! :) 

Oh, did I mention that the chain cleaner is on special? It's only $11 bucks! What a deal! It's almost like the video was a conceived as a crafty promotion for this product all along. Funnily enough, that's only half true. I made the video to promote the product (and correct chain maintenance in general), and was reminded by my excellent assistant Michelle that we had put the Maxima stuff on special last week, haha! Yeah, so Maxima chain lube is on special too. You should go and buy some to make me feel better :)