Today is a big day for K-Racer! I have an extremely exciting announcement to make. As you’re no doubt aware, I love making technical videos, blog posts, and all kinds of content for you guys which hopefully makes your karting experience more enjoyable and more rewarding. However, as the business has been growing so much recently, I’ve really struggled to keep up with all of my responsibilities, and unfortunately I ended up spending most of my time taking orders over the phone and packing boxes.

Today is the day that everything changes. As of today, all K-Racer orders are going to be shipped directly from the DPE Kart Technology warehouse. This gives us an incredible opportunity to tap into the resources of the largest karting supplier in the country. It means I can concentrate on providing the best possible technical content and setup advice that I can. It will also help our team provide the best customer service of any online shop in the country, with a wealth of karting knowledge at our disposal, along with access to the best logistics team in the industry to help ensure you get your orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.