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Manufactured by Bengio in Italy, and designed with the assitance of multiple World Champion Danilo Rossi, the Bengio Bumper is the best protection available for karter's bodies. Available in Black and Silver, and in sizes to suit nearly everybody.

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  1. Very good product - Highly recommended

    Review by Wayne (Posted on November 22, 2013)

    I have been involved in karting for about 9 months now and bought the Bengio Bumper when I started, so I have no idea what having sore ribs feel like. However, the dents in my Bengio Bumper certainly show where the impact point would otherwise be on my body. I must admit that the price was a bit of a hurdle to get my mind around but having talked to many people I decided that it was an essential item if I wanted to practice for hours without pain.
    I have heard many other karters complain about soreness despite wearing other brands of rib protectors, in fact some of my mates have shown me pretty big blood blisters caused by their rib protectors pinching their skin. The worst I have had are some tiny marks that were gone within a day, which I wouldn’t have known were there unless someone else pointed it out.
    A very good product that I don’t hesitate in recommending to my karting mates.

  2. Great Investment

    Review by Paul (Posted on November 07, 2011)

    Having been out of the sport for over 2 years I was tentative in buying something this expensive to get back into racing. However seeing as my cheap $50 didn't fit comfortably I decided I may as well take the leap.

    After my first day of testing in which my kart was hopping in the rear like you wouldn't believe, my ribs are only slightly sore but not bruised. My hips and knees are massively bruised on the other hand. As one other person has mentioned, the shiny silver sticker has worn off where the seat stay bolts are but but thankfully wasn't my skin!

    For reference I was driving an unrestricted senior Rotax on 1 meet old MG Reds. I'd recommend this rib protector to anyone.

  3. Awesome!

    Review by Christopher (Posted on October 09, 2011)

    I bought a Bengio after reading a number of positive reviews. I had cracked a rib racing and figured I'd be out for a while, but was able to race relatively pain free with the Bengio.

    I have had no problems since - and to show how much punishment the vest takes, the shiny chrome-like finish has worn off in the area of my rib cage that used to cop such a pounding!

  4. Worth every cent

    Review by Blake (Posted on August 04, 2011)

    I bought this vest after I injured my ribs and since then I've never felt any pain or discomfort while driving. Worth every cent if you suffer with your ribs.

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